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This year, the Apple Festival musical is “Moses and the Burning Within”.


 will be held at the Royal Theatre on  Mon, June 19th and Tues, 20th 7:00 PM

Moses added graphic - bw



 Bring your best voices 🙂. You will be asked to sing a song (NO ‘Happy Birthday’ please) and read from part of the script.
Some of the characters are as follows:
Yocheved – Moses’ biological mother
Hatshepsut – Pharaoh’s daughter, Moses’ adoptive mother
Miriam – Moses’ sister (need girl and adult)
Aaron – Moses’ brother (need boy and adult)
Amram – Moses’ father
Ahmos – Wife to Pharaoh, step-mother to Hatshepsut
Jethro – High priest of Midian
Zipporah – Moses’ wife, eldest daughter of Jethro
6 more girls (teens) – Zipporah’s sisters
2 young boys – Moses’ sons
God – (Voice only, preferably deep and booming)
Egyptian maidens
Hebrew slaves/ensemble
plus many more small parts.
If you would like to sample the music, it is available on YouTube, just search under Moses and the Burning Within.
Any questions please ask in the comments. Hope to see you there 🙂

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