Character Info for Little Women

Marmee – early 40s, mother

Meg 19-20, beautiful, wants to be a lady.

Jo 17-18, tomboy, wants to have an adventure

Beth 16-17, frail, wants everyone to remain at home (also plays off-stage Girl #1’s voice at party)

Amy 15-16, spoiled, wants to be an artist (also plays Girl #2’s off-stage voice at party)

John 27-28, Megs love, Laurie’s tutor, very proper (also plays off-stage Man’s voice at party and Sistine Chapel Lecturer)

Laurie 19-20, Jo’s best friend, exuberant, not very proper

Time/Place 1863-1864. The March Family Parlor in Concord, Massachusettes.

Small-town theatre, big-town quality