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Director Production Proposal

Production Proposal 


All potential directors are asked to submit a proposal of their production to the Royal Arts Council to consider for approval. Please plan to attend the November board meeting to submit your proposal. The meeting is held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM.



The board will then review costs, suitability, scheduling, cast numbers, rehearsals, sets, costuming, etc., to determine how the play will fit in with the mission and other plays to fill out the season.  The season will be set and voted on at the December meeting, and you will be informed after that if your play has been added to the season or not.


Please note that as with all other activities at the Royal, directors volunteer their time and talent to contribute to the mission of the theatre in maintaining the arts in our community.


Please fill out the form completely. If you need help with the cost section, you can call Tina Holsten, Executive Director, at the office 573-378-6226.


Click here to download the proposal form: Production Proposal